Security Testing

Security testing is the most important and unforgettable part of the testing. This is the most important part because through our application client are share most valuable data. To save client valuable data from unauthorized access security testing is necessary. Precise testing solution have certified security software tester they help you to find bottleneck before…


Request For Testing Services

Free Pilot Testing for 2 week with confirm 20+ bugs Precise Testing Solution is pure software testing company give the highest quality of QA consulting, automation and security testing services for Fortune 500s to start- ups. We are STQC(Testing and Quality Certification- Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Goverment of India) impaneled vendor ISO 9001:2008,… Details

Software Testing Training

Software Testing is actually an investigation which is conducted in order to provide various information to the service provider regarding the quality of the product or service under test. If you do software testing training in Noida form precise testing solution, then it will not only a plus point to your curriculum vitae but also… Details

Configuration Testing

Precise Testing Solution is qa testing companies.We are wide range of testing services experience. We are able to help you in all type of Configuration testing services Configuration testing is the testing of a system with each of the configurations of software and hardware that are supported. This is a challenge for any application before release because…


Automation Testing

The principle of automated testing is that there is a program (which could be a job stream) that runs the program being tested, feeding it the proper input, and checking the output against the output that was expected. Once the test suite is written, no human intervention is needed; Precise Testing Solution is the leader…


White Box Testing

White-box testing, or structural testing, is one in which test conditions are designed by examining paths of logic. The tester examines the internal structure of the program or system. Test data are driven by examining the logic of the program or system, without concern for the program or system requirements. To give you a simplified…


Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing According to the survey of the day by day the company and software solution provider increase the software security for protection beside enemy and hacker and also enhanced their software virus strength and version for capture the client valuable data. For safety of the external attack on the system and…


Network,Telecom, Embedded Hardware Penetration Testing

 Network Penetration Testing Precise Testing solution offer all type of penetration testing services,we are able to do Network Penetration Testing or pen testing. Network in combination of lot of protocol,switched,computer devices and  peripherals,during pen testing we need to focus and test lots of things.Like  Protocol Conformance testing is the process of systematically selecting each requirement in…



Only you can get success with skill other fake commitment will not help. Precise Testing solution provide opportunity to B.Tech/BE, MCA, BCA, Diploma students to enhance their skills and getting practical knowledge through industrial training. Precise Testing solution is a leading software testing company.We are providing best software testing tranning in noida,this trainning will add…