A/B testing

A/B Testing

A/B is one of the technique for testing that include two different version of web pages and will determine which one is more effective and useful. In which “A” is the current design of web page or the control page and “B” defines the new page or a challenger page. This testing is use to increase the conversion rate and will split traffic on your website so that visitors can visit more webpages of version “A” and version “B” while you monitor visitors actions on different pages that will increase the conversion rate. The actions of the visitors is tracked, either the visitor leaves the page, or stays and reads text, or perform any other activity, based on what the web page contains. These reactions will be record and the results will determine which page will become the new page of the website. A/B testing is not only use to test the web pages only but also can test the other variable of the web page to determine the effect on behavior of the visitors to the website. The variables of web page can be:-

  • Banner ads
  • E-mails
  • Landing pages
  • Other changeable variables

What is A/B testing methodology?

It is used to find out the best from two or more variable, every variable will test against another variables and will determine the best of all variables. To test the pages effectively it’s important to notice the elements that required changing. It is used to determine the visitor behaviors and priorities when visiting your site. The test can be complete with more than one element and if there are four elements is to be tested then there will be four version of a page. To find out the successful result let it run goes enough for sufficient data. If it will be for short time then the result may be incomplete because some test can be miss.

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