Plan and Pricing

Software Testing PricesPrecise Testing solution promises you to give the best services and compare prices in the market. Precise testing solution offers you to pay according to your requirement and your project.We have Three different types of Payment method for the clients.

Pay per Hour

Pay per hour model is usually used for relatively long-term projects or/and If your project in the development phase or you want to follow the full testing life cycle in your project. This payment method is suitable for you. Where the total effort cannot be estimated sufficiently accurately in advance and/or the scope of work can vary during the implementation. The payment is made on the time rate basis. In this model Client tracks time spend on the project and also track the number of person working on the project billed according to the number of hours spend on the project.

Fixed Prices Project

The milestone way of doing fixed-price projects is usually a good idea even for projects shorter than three to four months or projects with stable and clear requirements. Fixed pricing simply means you simply pay for finishing a specific task or project, no matter how much time, energy, and resources used in the specific project to finish in the given time span. Clients favor this method of cost quotation because they feel safe and do not need to worry about any additional hidden costs they have to deal with later on.